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Philips Sonicare ProResults, DiamondClean, HealthyWhite Easyclean, Flexcare, Plaque Removal, Gum Health

#1 Dentist Recommendation

The ultra-soft nylon bristles are easy on your gums, approved by FDA, and have passed dentists' official health & safety standards

One-Click Design

Just one-click to clicks on and off your brush handle. It is secure and offer easy cleaning maintenance.

Why Choose Sonimate?

Don't take our words, read what customers say about us


Amelie Kershaw says:

"I got tired of paying big buck for the manufacture brand. I am pleased to say after one months worth of use this as an excellent toothbrush and a totally solid replacement for the manufacture brand."

Brook says:

"No reason to pay the big bucks when this one works just as well. So much cheaper and you nearly cannot tell any difference. In all a product I would not hesitate to strongly recommend to anyone"

Marry J. Curran says:

"The best tooth brushing experience of my life! I don't know what took me so long to order extra brushes --and these are brushes great. I feel I get a really good cleaning. Thanks for a great product."

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Disclaimer: SONIMATE™ replacement brush heads are in no way connected or affiliated to: The Philips Company or their trademarks Sonicare® and other respective brands. Sonimate™  is an independent manufacturer of quality replacement brush heads 

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